We have a unique business model that was created by popular demand from our customers.  Retail is changing very quickly with the emergence and growth of online sales, it is now mandatory for Canadian retailers to compete in the online market.  Canadian consumers are smarter and better educated then previous generations.  With the multitude of options available in store and online, we make sure our customer’s products are available to consumers no matter how they research and purchase products.  Fore Tenn Marketing is a full service sales agency , with online and distribution support.  We have a successful history with proven sales, strong relationships, and a business model that complements today’s changing marketplace.

Fore-Tenn Marketing has been on the forefront of in store B2B sales in Canada for decades.  Our team combines a wealth of knowledge in the marketplace with a modern skill set and traditional sales techniques.  We have formed strong relationships with key buyers across Canada.  We keep up to date on who is handling which categories and when key line reviews will be taking place.  We have been here for the evolution of the business technologically; we understand how to set up and implement new products within the framework of the complex new systems.

Vendors cannot afford to ignore online sales opportunities in the current market.  Many consumers browse multiple websites for pricing, product information and reviews.  The resources and information available to today’s consumers makes them more educated than ever before.  If your products are not available for online research and purchase, your potential customers might not even know what your products have to offer, or where they are available for purchase.  Not to mention, buying online is the preferred way to shop for many consumers today.  We have been working hand in hand with retailers since the beginning of online mass merchant sales.   Fore-Tenn’s unique business model is optimized for online and in-store sales opportunities.

We recognized a gap in the market, which stemmed from retailer and vendor demand.  How can online retailers expand their product offering without spending their budgets and over inventorying.  On the flip side, how can vendors fulfill these opportunities and still make money, especially with cross border shipments.  Fore-Tenn offers distribution services to all our customers.  We are a listed vendor with over a dozen online mass merchants; our customers and sku count are expanding rapidly.  We warehouse, pack and fulfill online orders direct to consumers on behalf of vendors and retailers.  Vendors are able to offer fringe products and not carry the risk of purchasing the product and landing it in their warehouse.  Vendors no longer need to worry about expensive freight, customs and duty bills when shipping cross border shipments.  Consumers are exposed to your products online where they can research and make informed decisions either online or in-store.

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